Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun at the Zavala House

In an effort to keep my very energetic 21 month old "occupied" I've scoured blogs, books, and my brain to find new and creative activities for Hayden.

I tackled a very small sewing project and made bean bags for Hayden:

Then I bought the kitchen helper which I saw being used on Chasing Cheerios and now I can finally cook in peace. Although I do it standing in an inch of water some days:

I also used an idea on saw on Chasing Cheerios to interject a little "fun" into mealtime by using a muffin tin as a plate:

Another idea I tried this week was a sandwich on a stick! I can't remember where I saw this at (if it's you leave me a comment and I'll link), but basically I made a heart shaped grilled cheese sandwich and stuck a popsicle stick in the middle before grilling! Hayden LOVED it and was lick the cheese off the stick even after the sandwich was long gone. Alas, I didn't get a picture. Oh well.

And here's some pics just because:


It All Started With a Kiss said...

Grilled cheese on a stick! My kids will love that.
Oh, and I think I'll have to try some of that KY now. ;)

LeftyMama said...

You are such a domestic goddess, Mel! I am so impressed and awed by how much energy and enthusiasm you have for being CEO of Casa de Zavala, Inc. You make it look so easy & fun, and that's with both a toddler and a newborn. I'm almost tempted to try for #2.... just kidding!

Loved seeing you this week!