Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Hundred Pushups

So I was gah-chatting (or gmail chatting) with my bud, J-Dawg when she turns me on to this site:


It's a program that trains you to do one hundred push ups in six weeks. After looking over the site, I decided to take the challenge.

And I discover...much to my surprise..I'm a big out of shape loser! HA! Yes, I am a column one person (AKA I can do less than 5 push ups - and that's even on my knees). Oh dear.

But yes - in less than 6 weeks I will be a push up master! Or uh, at least doing more than 5.

Won't you join me? =D


Robyn said...

Gaaah, you had to make me realize I'm a complete and total wimp, didn't you? I may join you for this... it depends on how well it fits in with my goal of walking a few times a week. :)

Anonymous said...

I always find claims like "Be able to do 100 push-ups in 6 weeks" funny.
It is like when I see a Spring magazine cover that says "Get a Bikini Body by June" (Um, yeah right, lol, perhaps it is possible if they are referring to June 2010).

I will TRY to join you once this baby pops out.
That said I think the goal of 100 in 6 weeks is not realistic, not from where I am starting,lol

Anonymous said...

After furthur reviewing the site, I think it may be possible for me to achieve 100 push-ups within 6 weeks...if I go the wall push-up route,lol
Jokes aside, I honestly think that is where I'd have to begin...

Having a friend like me has advantages. It makes others feel like Wonder Woman in comparison.

Robyn said...

Ok, not only do I feel completely pathetic for barely making column two with knee push-ups... I HURT today! Ugh. I used to do push-ups with weights for track workouts, and now I hurt after doing knee push-ups. I preferred blissful delusion.

Anonymous said...

Um robyn, did you catch my mention of wall push-ups. If you are completely pathetic, than I am what?,lol.


Robyn said...

Ok Melissa, I officially started today. We'll see how it goes!