Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Thursday!!!!!

Another Thursday flies by! It's incredible how fast time goes by. Pretty soon I'll be writing a post like this as an 80 year old woman! Of course then, instead of cutsie baby stories I'll be talking about my bowels and bunions.

Right now, I'm not quite THAT interested in my regularity, so we'll stick with kiddie stories.

Tonight is our romantic movie night again - wooot! The Painted Veil. It's not a traditional "romance", but it's a wonderful story of how love can grow as you get to know another person's character.

And just to clarify, we do not only watch "my" movies - the last movies we watched were The Toy and The Best of the Best. Clearly, two of my hubby's pics. So, don't think he's deprived in movie selection or anything.

I'm also loving the thunder that's been rolling all afternoon - although no rain at all. Very strange. However, that worked out beautifully and allowed me to talk a walk with a friend this morning. It was overcast and looking like rain, but it blocked the sun and heat wonderfully.

And I must say I am STILL not impressed with Luvs diapers. As I mentioned previously, we ran out of the good size 1s, so I pulled these down from the closet. We had bought them when Hayden was a baby, but had abandoned them. Now I am for sure that I was right to abandon them. They have leaked 3 times in the last 2 days. And not from some kind of poop explosion. Just pee! But, I will be grateful for them, it is saving me from spending more money on diapers. So I will deal with the extra outfit changes and just enjoy the savings. Hey, it gives me a reason to dress Corbin in all his cute outfits. Outfits, that he'd probably never have a chance to wear if he just wore one a day. HA!

Corbin is LOVING his new activity mat. I am quite happy with our "splurge" on buying this. I know we didn't need it but it has really gotten a lot of use just in the last week. Even Hayden likes it.

Today was "Sewing" day and I found a sewing project I never finished. For several friends I had made fabric books (from a kit) for their babies. I had left one for Hayden, but never got around to doing it. I bought one Little Mermaid, one Cars, and one Finding Nemo. At the time, Hayden wasn't into movies so I unknowingly gave away the best on for him, the Cars book. But, just in the last couple of weeks Hayden has really been watching Finding Nemo - which turns out to be the fabric book I still had! So today I made the book for him during his naptime. I'm really excited to see how he likes it. I think I'm going to give it to him and then put on Finding Nemo! Maybe he'll recognize the characters.

Just doing that project made me want sew more things for Hayden. I'm eager to check out the fabric shops for Cars fabric. I wanted to make sheets/pillow cases for him! This will be a harder project than I've attempted yet, but I really would like to do it.

And that's what's made me happy today!! How about you??? (If all else fails, at least tomorrow is Friday)

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Midwest Mommy said...

Your baby is so cute! I love all that hair.