Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Is it really only Tuesday? No, I'm just kidding - my week is going pretty great (but I was serious about it being Tuesday for those ready to hit the sauce already).

Hayden Happenings:
  • He has a new fascination with our changing pad. Whenever he sees it he pulls it out, unfolds it, lays down, and awaits a diaper change...even though we just did it...like 2 minutes ago.
  • He's added new "words" to his vocabulary - "Ka-chow!" "Whoa" "Car" "Mine, mine..mine mine mine" and "Mac"
  • Notice "mine" comes from Finding Nemo - a new favorite. Hehe, he doesn't know what it means yet - thank goodness. He just says it randomly
  • He loves the new activity mat we bought...for Corbin.
  • Initially, he was freaked out by the light up flowers on the activity mat - that was a great night. My son..is afraid...of flowers.
  • He got over it.
  • He likes to watch TV laying down...facing the opposite way so it's upside down...uh huh

Corbin Happenings:
  • He's smiling
  • He's cooing
  • He's batting at toys on his activity mat
  • He's grown out of Newborn diapers - awww
  • We ran out of the upscale size 1 diapers - oh crap now I have to pull out the Luvs

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AndreAnna said...

I can't wait for the smiling!! It will make the screaming way more bearable.