Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Thursday

So it's movie date night again...woot! Tonight we're watching Like Water for Chocolate. I actually never saw this movie when it came out - probably because I was 12, haha. Oh 1992 how long it's been.

I've finally managed to get back to playing piano - nothing like new sheet music to flame your passion again. Of course, I had to get the sheet music to Pride and Prejudice. The soundtrack was almost entirely piano, which is rare these days.

Corbin is doing new things every day. Last night when we were at community group Mark was holding Corbin and making funny faces at him. At one point he had Corbin mimicking sticking his tongue out! HA! I'm always amazed when my boys learn something new. It's incredible how fast they learn and grow.

Corbin has also taken quite an interest in the hanging toys on his infant seat. He likes to bat them and even grabs them once in awhile.

Hayden is being a good big brother and copying his momma. Yesterday, I wiped Corbin's mouth with his blanket and Hayden came behind me and wiped Corbin's mouth too!

Poor Hayden has been super accident prone this week. He munched it on the tile, got a big black eye from falling on the edge of a stair, hit his head twice at the playground while trying to go through a tunnel, fell off the piano bench and now he just backed into my laptop and smacked his head. If he makes it until the end of the week without and ER visit I'll be surprised. Most of these boo boos were caused by his "testing" boundaries and momma's patience.

Oh, and an update on losing the baby weight: I've lost 10 more pounds since starting this new diet. Woohoo! (Insert victory dance here).


AndreAnna said...

Congrats on the weight loss! What diet are you following?

And yes, it's crazy how fast they grow. Saywer is already cooing and reaching for toys - I feel like I was just pregnant! LOL

Just Me said...

I've cut out starches and sugar. It's the only thing that works for me.

AndreAnna said...

Funny, me too. I started again on Sunday and have lost 4 pounds in 4 days. It's nuts how poorly my body metabolizes sugar and such. The withdrawal at first BLEW though.

Do you follow our blog Life After? If you'd like to contribute, let me know!

Just Me said...

Yeah, I've been following it! It gives me motivation and it's good to know there are other women out there working hard at losing the weight too. I'd love to contribute. =D

AndreAnna said...

Email me! I don't have yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh,that links looks interesting :), though how about I find my way back to my Pre-College Body,lol.