Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack!

Sorry folks, I took a blogging vacation. Even bloggers need rest. But I'm sure I have lots of interesting news and insights to offer now that I'm back.

Let's see, first for some big news. There is a possibility I might go back to work part-time. I'm still working out the terms, but we'll see. I did love my job - yes, I'm sad to say. I liked the people and sense of accomplishment I felt when I worked. I liked always learning new things, and being good at my job. And let's just say it, I liked the money.
So, if I get my terms, this job will definitely be a nice addition to my life. My terms are that I work at least half of the hours at home and obviously there are salary requirements. But I think I've worked out the details of caring for Hayden. I believe we've settled on finding a nanny to stay at the house with Hayden. At this age, socialization isn't really a factor - so a daycare isn't what he needs. He needs one-on-one attention and someone to just love him for the few hours I'm way.

In exchange, I'll get a mental break from child rearing, enjoyment from my job, and a little extra money for Hayden. With more money, I could do some of the fun things we could never afford now - like swim classes, or Gymboree. Or get a jogging stroller so I could train for the half-marathon I want to do. We could eat dinner out once a week. We could give more. And most of all Mommy will be sane. Which is always important.

I talked to two Moms who are living the part-time work/Mom role and they love it. They love the outlet they get by working a little, but the freedom they have to spend time with their kids. And I agree.

So Mark and I decided, that if the terms were right, we'd try it out. If it didn't work, eh, no loss. At least we'd tried. But I really do think it will work.

Okay, so that's the interesting news. Now for some insights and revelations...hmmm...I have decided to train for a half-marathon. With this training I hope to get in better shape. One of my big clutter problems is all the clothes I have that don't fit. Sizes ranging from 4 to ...(ok we're not saying) So here's my new deal. I will train for this marathon. And whatever size my body is at after the marathon is it. I will throw away all clothes smaller. And that will be that. No more, "maybe one day I could fit into that" talk. If I train for and successfully do a half-marathon then I must be in some kind of good shape, and that will be my healthy body. All other unreasonable expectations should be tossed out the window (along with the clothes that go with them).

So with that, I say good day!

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