Monday, August 27, 2007

My Favorite Time of Year


1. Shopping with my Mom for new school clothes.
2. Organizing all my school supplies (the only time of year I was ever organized)
3. Getting all my text books for the year.
4. Freshman year on campus
5. Moving into the dorm for the first (and last) time
6. Football season
7. Marching Band
8. My first date with Mark - pizza with the saxes.
9. My first drink
10. My first party
11. Walking through the leaves on campus
12. Marching through the tunnel for the first time
13. Decorating our house for fall/halloween for the first time with Mark
14. Halloween parties
15. Halloween on sixth street
16. Baby shower

And now I've been bitten by the fall bug. I'm eagerly anticipating the change in the air, and they change in people. Little do we realize that our attitudes shift in a minute but distinct way. And that shift makes all the difference. I love the change the comes into my home. I love the smells and warm colors of fall.

Yes, Texas does have a more subtle change then most places, the temperatures do not drop, nor the leaves as they should, but it's still there.

And even if it's not, I'll make it there. I generally transform my environment into a fall wonderland of sorts. And I'm not shy about starting early. True, fall does not begin until the end of September, but in my mind the season begins as soon as school starts!

And that happened today!

So up go the fall leaf garlands. Out come the scarecrows, squash, and scented candles. Into the oven goes the pumpkin bread. Simmering in the pot is the cider. Fall has come into the Zavala house.

**Photo by Memotions


LeftyMama said...

If you don't mind the drive, you *can* eventually see some fall foliage at Lost Maples outside of Fredricksburg. The colors change there usually around the end of October or early November. It may be Christmas before we get any crisp evenings here....

michael said...

thanks for the memories Mel! im right there with you. one of my two favorite "seasons" of the year. we know Lost Maples all too well, although its more outside Kerrville than Fredricksburg. cheers!