Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good Results

So some of you may have thought I forgot about the whole healthy, weight loss thing. But no, I didn't. As of today I've lost 8 more lbs. Woot. I got pretty busy with church and other stuff. But this month i recommitted to getting healthy. And I have a ton more energy. Which is crazy, I actually feel like going for a run. Not a statement I would have made over the passed few months. It's amazing how much nutrition affects every part of your life.

Once I lose the weight, I'll let you know how I did it. Till then you'll just have to wait! That's all for now.


Shelley said...

woo-hoo! good job Mel!! Hey, so yeah...our goal! making progress on this side, too. Softball helped last night...what a great game!

Ebit said...

Good job, Melissa!!! 8 lbs!!! I definitely will be interested in hearing how you are doing it! :) Ebit