Friday, August 24, 2007

Martha Stewart Disaster Day

I do officially declare this Martha Stewart Disaster day. So, yesterday I was in the store and I saw these cute kits where you can sew you're own little baby book. All the pages are already printed, all you have to do is just sew the pages together with some batting, and voila! Yeah.

So 2 hours later, and I've given up for today. I have now sewn the pages together incorrectly TWICE, and have spent nearly an hour pulling out the stitches.

My mind was not made for following written directions. I neeeeeed pictures people. This whole "sew wrong side to right side, then right side to wrong side" talk just confuses me, obviously. So yes, I'm a sewing nightmare, my Grandma would be disappointed.

Sorry for the horrible lack of posting lately. I truly have been busy. And no, I'm not just saying that to sound cool or something. Like, "I'm oooooh, so busy". HA! Let's recap my last 7 days...

Saturday started with sorting 10,000 door hangers into piles of 200 with Merae. It ended with our new churches Charter service. Basically, we all sign a pretty piece of paper saying we're committed to the church, which then was put into a nice frame.

Sunday started at the crack of dawn, since our old church was spending part of their service time recognizing us (the new CrossRoads church) and we did a candle light ceremony. But HCBC (Hill Country Bible Church) likes to rehearse things, so we had to be there at 8:15 am. We did the ceremony for both services, so that wasn't over until 12. Then I rushed home to check on a sick baby (Mark stayed home with Hayden...such a good daddy). Then rushed over to River Oaks Elementary for our first unloading and setting up of the new church. Since we meet in an elementary school, we set up and tear down each Sunday. I worked on the nursery and assembling swings, bouncers, and exersaucers until 4, then we loaded it all back up. I then rushed back home to sick baby and tired daddy.

Monday was the first day of our Blitz week. I.e. letting the community in the area know about our new church with door hangers. Megan and I did that for 2 hours, then I came back home to get ready for Hayden's doctor's appointment. The doctor checked out his skin tag and informed us that to remove it would require surgery (scheduled for next Wednesday btw). Then since Hayden had some fluid in his ears, he wanted to do some auditory tests to check his hearing. Verdict: 9 month olds aren't interested in hearing tests. Ha. Monday night ended with me (and Hayden) going to the ministry leaders meeting. I'm not sure they appreciated the distraction he brought, but no one said anything. Hopefully, next time I can give Mark enough notice so he can watch him.

Tuesday was Hayden's 9 month checkup, all went well even though he was still a little sick. I went mall walking with a good friend and then Hayden and Samson (an adorable little one close to his age) played.

Wednesday was another Blitz day. That evening was community group (a bunch of friends getting together to hang out and talk about life, or maybe a book).

Thursday started with shopping. Our church wanted to do some gifts for the teachers of the school we meet in. Merae and I went to Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby, Sam's, and Walmart. Then I painted 30 road runners on clay pots. (School mascot) . When that was over, I went to play softball.

Hayden coughed all night, so I took him to the doctor this morning - he was fine. Then off to lunch with Jenny.

All in all, a busy week - no time for chatting, email, or blogging. Hopefully, I'll have more time next week!!!

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