Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Meadow


One of my goals for the boys is to spend a significant chunk of their time outdoors.  This week has been awesome for getting them outside.  The mornings are still bearable and the true heat doesn't hit until afternoon.  As the summers continue, I'm thinking there will be a lot more pool and sprinkler time.  Monday, we hit a local park and picnicked in one of the few green meadows still in existence in this awful drought. 


They boys occupied themselves by collecting dozens of sticks and the occasional flower or, uh, beer can.  If there is trash within a 10 mile radius, Corbin will find it.  Let's just say we did our part to make our meadow cleaner.  Sticks became swords and even "peg legs" for my little pirates.


 It was fun to watch them entertain themselves and just enjoy nature.  Eventually, I'd like to work up to spending the entire morning outside, but so far our max has been 2 1/2 hours.


I think we may just adopt this meadow and make it ours.  There's no playground or other attractions, just the meadow all to ourselves.  The boys run, shout, laugh, explore and play - without bothering anyone - it's perfect.


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