Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Am Here

Yes, I am alive.  Things have been so hectic.  What kind of blog post do you write after over a month?!  So much to talk about, I've written hundreds of posts in my head over the last few weeks, just never found the time to sit down and type them out.

I feel like I've been hit by wave over wave of change and challenges.  Not sure when it's safe to come up for air.  Seems like things just keep coming.  It'd be easy to just do a bullet point list of the craziness, but each bullet would probably take it's own post to explain!

  • We're buying a new house and close next week
  • Corbin changed programs at school so now he's gone 4.5 hours each day :(
  • We went on a quick vacation to the grandparents house last week
  • I'm packing for our move!  We have a lot of junk.
  • My grandmother is coming to live with us in our new house
  • In preparation for her moving, she's coming to visit and see the new house on Wednesday
  • Holidays...
  • And life's general craziness besides all the above

Overwhelmed is my current state of mind - so pray for my sanity please!

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