Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The End of a Season

Today is the end of a very long season - our season of Corbin's therapy!  Since he was 9 months old he has had some form of therapy going on - Occupational, Physical, or Speech.  And now almost four years later, he's done!

Sure, he still has some "maintenance" work to do, but he is now within normal ranges - I'm so proud of him.  He's worked so hard to get here.  For years, we did 4 hours of therapy a week.  More recently it's been only 3 hours - but still!  That's a big chunk of time.  And he was a trooper through all of it, although he had his good days and bad days.

And, of course, we ended on one of those bad days, HA!  I was hoping for a happy goodbye, but instead I got tantrums and screaming...oh well.  He has one therapist he just doesn't click well with and every time he gets them we have an issue.  Today was no exception and we left the office kicking, screaming, and with me holding him like a football and hurrying towards the car.

Definitely one of the few times where the phrase, "mommy needs a drink" comes to mind.  He screamed the whole way home and then some.  And after a nap, he was back to sweet Corbin.

He is truly one of those kids that needs sleep to function.  Moms always say that, even I used to say that sleep affected Hayden's mood, but this is no comparison.  Corbin literally cannot function emotionally without enough sleep.  He can't process any disappointment or correction and melts down at the drop of a hat!  Any attempts at discipline only escalate the issue.  He's even learned now that he has this issue and will put himself to bed on those days.

Oh Corbin!  You definitely keep me on my toes!!


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