Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Slowing Down

I feel like life has been handing me speed bumps lately.  Maybe it's sign I need to slow down.  I have felt like life is on fast forward lately and I just can't seem to keep up.  The house is a wreck, the kids school isn't getting down as much as I'd like, and I am always running from here to there.

And then a couple weeks ago, both cars broke down on the same day.  What?  How does that even happen.  We went from speeding along in our fast paced life to a screeching halt.

And today, after a week of driving Mark to work every morning, we finally are set to get the car back and the van breaks down again.  ??

I'm still trying to process the odds of 3 breakdowns in a row. :(

And yet, I can't help but be a little relieved that my day tomorrow just got rearranged.  Why am I pushing so hard?  Why am I going at lightning speed?  Do I need to be?  Is this the right direction? Do I need to reevaluate?  Is that what life is telling me?  Is God telling me?

Oh and I got my period today - and it was a total and utter surprise.  This month has gone by so fast I feel like I just finished my period, although looking at the calendar - yup, it's right on time.  But it completely shocked me this afternoon.  I'm so crazy right now I forgot my period - sheesh.

Must...find...balance...oh yeah, that's my word right?

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