Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Magical Elf

Why are the holidays so hectic? Isn't this the time of year we enjoy? I have now come to realize that the holidays will forever be a different beast.

Thinking of holidays growing up brings memories of yummy cookies, good dinners, decorated trees, holiday music and such. Yet now I know the truth...someone has to cook all those holiday cookies, fix the dinner, dig through the garage to pull the tree out, search through ten different boxes for the ornaments, freeze their butts off in the cold testing out the lights on reindeer, while simultaneously taking care of the munchkin and the house, oh and some laundry. Crap!! Who is this magical elf that comes to my house to do all of this much needed holiday work? Oh!

Well, crap again.

Pregnant + running after a 1 year old all day = tired as hell.

So somewhere I need to find some energy, because there's way too much to do.

My List:

1. Laundry
2. Dishes..a lot of dishes
3. Picking up the living room so I can put a tree up
4. Cleaning my room!!! A skill I never did acquire, even in adulthood.
5. Christmas cards...the ambitious me wants to do a family photo...HA
6. Putting up the tree
7. Wrapping presents
8. Finish xmas shopping
9. Hayden needs a bath
10. Cook dinner
11. Put up outside decorations
12. Vacuum
13. Mop!!! My floors are gross. 1 year old who loves crackers...what a mess
14. Bake cookies!! Okay, i'm dreaming there
15. Work on some craft gifts I wanted to do
16.Upload digital key chains with pics of Hayden for the grandparents
17. Clean the bathrooms...ugh
18. Oh, this list could go on forever....

Anyway, that's a quick glimpse. Basically, enough work to keep me busy for the next 3 months...except it all needs to be done ASAP and before December 18th really.

So I guess I should stop blogging and start working.


Mikey G said...

Wow, Mel! Sounds like Mark needs to start helping a little more around the house!! Good luck :)

- Uncle Mikey

LeftyMama said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you're taking a break today or tonight to celebrate. See you Thursday!

Shelley said...

Yep...Mmmmmaaaaarrrrrk! Mel needs a maid! :)

Happy birthday, lady! You're the best!