Thursday, May 5, 2011

Organizing My Ideas


There are so many ideas out there for decorating, organizing, and crafting - especially if you're looking!  I see lots of ideas I'd "love to try", but then just as quickly forget them because I literally come across dozens of them each day.

But, now that I'm focusing on home - I'd like to use some of these great ideas!  Hmmm...but where did I see them?  Bookmarks are helpful, but can become chaotic quickly if you are keeping track of a lot.  That's where Pinterest comes in!

In March, I read about this on My Sewcial Hour and was hooked!  Pinterest allows you to "pin" items to your bulletin boards and helps you save ideas you see online.  I've been "pinning" away ever since I joined, but now I am getting even more focused on saving ideas for my home!  You can see my pins and all the ideas I'm saving up here!

I know when I started, there was a bit of a wait to join if you just went and signed up, I'm not sure if that's the case anymore, but I can invite you as well if you're interested in joining!  I've had so much fun with this site and it's really helped me to focus on home and even implement some of the ideas I've "pinned"!

Wanna join me??

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Ebit Akers said...

Sign me up!