Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Makeover

I'm in the mood for a little spring makeover - for my house!  Anyone else getting the house blahs?  My initial solution to Mark is always - let's move! Haha.  Yet, somehow he never agrees with that one.

I haven't really ever worked on our house to make it home - you know like decorate, organize, and such.  Sure, I've started, bought a couple things here and there, but never finished!  Like I've mentioned - I get easily distracted.

I'm hoping that posting progress on here will help motivate me and stir me to continue on - even when I feel overwhelmed.  I might even need some opinions as I move along!

Are you up for this ride?  Cause seriously - I have an entire house that needs some TLC.


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Robyn said...

My project this spring is clutter. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm trying to do the minimalist thing, but there's a lot in that philosophy that I like and I want to find my own moderate version that works for our family. I'm making progress slowly but surely... and now I'm running into the really tough stuff: the office and the garage. I'm telling myself that once I've gotten rid of all the stuff I really don't want or need, then I can look at what's left and decide how to make it look nicer.