Monday, May 31, 2010

Relaxing Vs Refreshing

I recently read this post on Steady Mom and really took it to heart. Basically, it says just because something might be relaxing it may actually be draining, not refreshing. Which, for me, is true. I enjoy watching Netflix and catching up on all my latest shows and movies, but in the end I don't feel refreshed, I feel drained.

Contrast that with this morning where I went running/walking out on the Brushy Creek trails and came back energized and ready to tackle the day! And no, it wasn't relaxing running a mile and walking a mile - but it was refreshing.

I've decided I need this "recharge" for my system as it's constantly being drained down to the last drop with my energetic boys, so I've instituted refreshing time into my day. I do have to sacrifice a little sleep for it, but in the end I think it's worth it. I've set up a daily run at Brushy Creek which starts before the kids get up and ends right as they are waking. Mark is here pretty late in the mornings so if they do rise early, it's not a big deal. And I get 2 hours of refreshing time out in nature, plus the bonus benefit of exercise.

I'm pretty excited about the whole arrangement and I hope it's something I can keep in my schedule for a long time to come!

So what recharges your batteries?

In current Zavala events:

- Last week our AC went out!
- Corbin mysteriously started limping one morning. It lasted about 2 days then disappeared.
- Hayden had his last day of school on Friday! Woohoo - you've no idea how excited I am about not having to get up every morning and drive him to school. He really does NOT like school.
- I got really industrious and shampooed half of our living room.
- Hayden's room is finally painted. Two colors Spa and Cloud Nine from Olympic.
- I cleaned out one of our chests and found about 10 things we've been searching for in the last year. Among the missing: Winter gear for Corbin, piano sheet music, Mark's hat, and Corbin's next size for shoes.
- I finally put everything back in it's proper location from when we put up the Christmas tree and had to move furniture around.
- Mark and I had a "great" idea to take a drive today with the thought that the kids would fall asleep and we'd have some peace to chill out and talk. No such luck. Our little ones were wide eyed most of the 2 hours with Corbin falling asleep for about 10 minutes. This led to 4pm naps and 10pm bedtimes - ugh. Wish me luck tomorrow.

Corbin attempting to stay cool with no AC on Thurs/Fri


Nina said...

some alone time. if I can't get that journal writing really helps to calm my mind and emotions. (thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment, I wasn't sure if what I wrote even made sense outloud - it did in my mind ;))

KDL said...

I read that Steady Mom post, too (here from her 30 minute blog challenge) and am still mulling whether the things I do in my "me" time are truly refreshing or not. I don't get much and I spend the bulk of it working on my blog somehow, writing, or reading. I have been longing for some form of exercise (other than chasing children) but haven't figured out where it fits yet. I love your "recent events" list - glad to know we're not the only ones who tuck things away in a box and then can't find them. I recently relocated our wedding album, of all things, after months of fretting over where it could have disappeared to.