Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Old Life

My purse has grown into duffel bag size proportions.
In college, I carried only a wallet on my key chain.

My "essentials" include pull-ups, wipes, toy cars, and crayons.

I used to drive a red Dodge Dakota Sport, now I drive an SUV.

"Sleeping in" means waking up at 9am. I faintly remember days of getting up at noon on a Saturday and thinking it was early.

My "reading list" includes How Dinosaurs Say Goodnight, We're Going On A Bear Hunt, and Hop on Pop, instead of Stephen King and the latest self help book.

My "studying" is now centered around potty training, nutrition, language and sensory development of preschoolers instead of packets, netflow, or the latest Cisco certification.

My heart now walks around outside my body in two pieces - their names are Hayden and Corbin.

I have a LOT more stretch marks and other parting "gifts".

I laugh a LOT more than I ever did.

I smile every day.

I am completely at peace and full of joy at least once a day.

I am challenged to the edge of my limits each and every day.

I am humbled every day by what I know I cannot do without God.

I am a mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all of us who have given up our old lives
and gained one of the most precious gifts ever - motherhood.


LeftyMama said...

Happy Mama's day to you, too!!! You are indeed blessed, Mel. Your family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

POG said...

Happy Mother's day to you! Thanks for this post :)

Karyn said...

Love this post, Melissa! Beautiful!