Monday, August 9, 2010

A New Kind of Togetherness


A rare shot of the boys together - they are too quick for my camera!

I've been enjoying the extra family time we've had with Mark at home.
Eating dinner each night together and having the morning to relax and chat is awesome.
Being able to stay up later and have Mark help with the boys is really nice.
But, of course, you can't have it all.
More time with Mark means no money!
Money means less time with Mark, haha.
So, although we have more time together, we can't really go out and do a lot of things that require spending a ton of money!
It's a different kind of togetherness.
Learning how to have fun and enjoy each other without purchased entertainment.

We are quick learners though.
Movie nights at home with homemade popcorn.
Tonight we enjoyed some anime but were too stuffed from dinner for the popcorn.
(Did you know they show anime at the Alamo Drafthouse for $5 on Tuesdays - and they give you the $5 back when you order food. Of course you need a babysitter for this, so we haven't made it in awhile)

We are spoiled to be within walking distances of some great local parks.
Today we (er, Mark) played Legos all day. We built great masterpieces for Corbinzilla to destroy.

I've had fun playing with the many ways I can cook Turkey sausage! I squeezed 3 meals out of the last link I bought. Yum!
Finding new and cheap recipes has been a game of mine.

I've been pulling out books I've been wanting to read - just finished another good one.

I joined a Flickr group (52 Weeks of BAM!) and have enjoyed taking ridiculous pictures of myself!

And, of course, I'm keeping up on all the blogs I read. ;)

Mark wishes I would spend that time on WoW (World of Warcraft).

Instead, I watch reruns of Bones. In case you were wondering what I did between the hours of 10pm and 2 am.

I also spend an unbelievable amount of time cleaning up a particular little boys pee and washing underwear. Occasionally I wash a dish or two - like when I'm hungry and need something to put my food on. Today I did A LOT of laundry.

It's actually pretty easy to fill up your whole day without going anywhere or spending a dime.

**This post is part of the Moms' 30-Minute Blog Challenge


Martianne said...

some of the best experiences we enjoy are free -- mud kitchen int he back yard, running through the sprinkler, hikes, the beach, workshops at Lowe's and Michael's, free concerts -- so much.

Keep finding such things yourself and loving every minute (well, besides the pee pee pants, which I sympathize with soooo much with 3 under 5 and none night trained!)

Nina said...

true. though I did join a few places - children's museum and zoo - so that was an initial expense but then free.