Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Volcano of Chaos

Why is it after we get back from a trip it seems like our luggage exploded all over our house???

We went for a short, but very enjoyable, trip to Corpus Christi this past weekend and now my house is covered in toys, beach balls, sunscreen bottles, and clothes.

Monday afternoon is being spent in recovery mode to restore order.

Laundry. Storing beach toys, bags and luggage. Putting away clothes, toiletries, and toys. Assimilating new toys from the trip. And managing two little boys who have grown accustomed to both spending hours at the beach and having Daddy all day. (Today was Daddy's first day at his new job! Yay!)

We are also all tired from staying up too late, getting little or no naps, eating LOTS of fast food, and being on the go for three days. So this week I am taking it easy and slowly getting back into the groove. I will be taking a nap today, that's for sure!

I'm also looking forward to making a nice dinner for the family. Of course, that means I need to clear the dining room table of all our trip items. Haha.

We took a waterproof disposable camera to the beach, so I'll need to get those pictures developed before I can post on our vacation - but let's just say...It was awesome!


Ticia said...

It really does feel like your house exploded. My house still feels like that and it's been almost 3 weeks.

Robyn said...

Congrats on Mark's new job!! That's great news. :)