Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back Into the Groove

A week of having three other people entertain my kid has definitely spoiled both him and me. Today is my first day "alone" with him. As Mark left for work this morning, I asked "Are you going to leave me alone with him???" Hehe.

Hayden has apparently had a growth spurt over the holidays. Now that we're back at home I've noticed a few new skills. I look down and see that he has both of his shoes in his hands, shoes that were previously on our dining room table. What??? Oh crap, the kid is tall enough to grab stuff off the table. I guess that means I need to watch what I put up there. Then, as I'm sitting on my couch, he waddles over and climbs up with me. Huh?? How did you get up here? This presents a significant problem since the kid has no concept of gravity. Now I have to make sure he's not climbing onto the couch and taking a flying leap when I'm not looking. He also now has a love of all things stairs and steps. Except, he has no clue how to get down or that he should even worry about getting down. Falling backwards or just walking into thin air seem like good ideas for him. Hmmm. How does one teach the concept of falling without killing your child? I'll let you know when I figure that out.

I have officially unpacked all our bags from the trip. Yay to me! That must be some kind of Melissa record. Only took me 3 days.

I desperately want to go for a walk, but uh, it's 46 degrees. A little too cold for my blood. If it's going to get cold, I prefer some winter weather or something. At least that way I'd be holed up with my hubby, not just my cranky toddler. Last year was the best ice storm week ever. Of course this could never happen now. Hayden was only a couple of months old, which meant he slept - alot. Mark and I played WoW the whole week, stopping only to feed and play with Hayden, and to sleep a bit. This year that could never happen, Hayden only takes 2 naps, if that. Not much game time, and he wakes up at the crack of dawn, ok 7:30am, but that's dawn to me.

Speaking of naps, nap #2 is not going well. 10 minutes and still fussing. Argh, I need nap time too!! You never know if the nap will work, or how long it will be. This one, is NOT working...yet. 6 more minutes and we'll see.

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