Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One Day to Go

So last night I had a dream about going to get the ultrasound. We were in the waiting room for what felt like forever, and when it was time to go in...I woke up! Ha.

Feeling a bit better today. No more red spotting, just a tiny tiny bit of old blood. I've been taking it easy for the last few days so my house is a wreck. Argh.

Hayden has become addicted to PBS. Much to my dismay, his favorite shows are Barney and Teletubbies. I swear those shows are evil, but alas, my kiddo loves em.

Right now he's intently watching Barney fly a kite.

Other Hayden developments, he's discovered his butt crack. he spends all day investigating it. Haha. Yes, lots of hand sanitizer in use here.

I am also amused by one of his new words...clock. Of course most of the time it comes out with the "L" missing, so yeah, that sounds interesting. Hopefully, "clock" won't come up much at restaurant outings or church.

I have to say daytime TV sucks, especially with the 20 channels we get, or rather 17. I don't count the three spanish channels.

Mornings are the view or court tv, with a little Price is Right thrown in. Afternoons are Springer, Maury, more court TV, or bleh soap operas which i REFUSE to watch. Evenings are news and celebrity news shows. I'm all current on the latest happenings of Britney Spears. What a wreck that girl is. I guess we watch that crap to feel better about our crappy lives, I guess. Mostly I just feel bad for them. Oh and don't forget celebrity fit club on the TV Guide Channel. I never knew the TV Guide channel could be the most interesting. Argh, someone shoot me.

So yeah, TV, no good. Hahaha. So it's a lot of turning on my CD player, since we don't have a radio in the house, and just doing stuff around here.

In the CD player this month, Bob Marley's Legend CD. Maybe next month I'll buy a new CD. Any recommendations?

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Lindi said...

I'm so glad. Of course I still think you need to name him Stewie or Kenny. Baby Stewie Zavala is gonna rock this world.