Monday, March 10, 2008

Camping Indoors

So, our family has been talking about taking a day camping trip before we have the next baby for a few weeks now. With the beautiful weather, and just wanting to get out of the house, it sounds like a great idea. I had no idea, however, that I would get a taste of camping without even leaving the house!

Yesterday, we came up to a slightly cool refrigerator and a completely thawed freezer. AGH! Yes, our refrigerator is broken. So now half of our fridge is in a cooler, haha. I tried not to freak out. But the time had come for a new fridge. We bought this one "AS IS" almost 8 years ago, and it hasn't impressed me much since then.

So today we all met up at Lowe's and bought a new fridge!!! Woooooot. It gets delivered tomorrow. I'm so excited, I'll definitely have pics up of the new appliance when it gets here. And while we were there, I wandered over into the washer/dryer area and picked out those too. Our dryer has slowly been going out for over a year now. At present it takes at least an hour to dry clothes and our washer gets off balance if you put more than 5 towels in it. And just to make sure we take care of all the problems, we also bought a new toilet to replace the completely broken one upstairs. So yes, my house is actually getting some love! I can't believe it.

I'm sure it will be years before we get the carpet this house desperately needs, but at least we will have cold food, clean clothes, and a place to pee!

In other noteworthy events, Hayden (who has a fascination with all things ceiling fans) was majorly impressed with Lowe's ceiling fan section. He was so excited he just ran up and down the aisles grunting. HA!

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