Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Forgotten Fun and Joggy Update

So, I took out the joggy stroller for a spin. Despite passing 3 or 4 folks on the trail, I got no strange looks for the odd sight of my "other" baby. This other baby is red and made of leather, otherwise known as my purse, hehe. Yes, my purse hung out on one seat and Hayden chilled in the other. So my rating of this stroller is somewhere between a B and a C if I were to buy it new, but gets a B+ for a $40 stroller.

No, I didn't get my desired swivel wheel. I understand why this is important on sidewalks. Sheesh, I got a huge upper arm workout trying to turn this sucker. But, I must say, once on the trails, it got the job done and I had no issues turning it. So this is a trail stroller only! And that's what I bought it for.

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to mention this happening at the Kite Festival. So we're looking around for a nice place to for Big Pregnant Momma to plop down and find a shady spot behind a vendor. Another family with an older boy gathered near us. I'm getting ready to relax when what do I see in the corner of my eye? Their little boy had just unzipped, whipped out the goods and started peeing right there in front of God and everyone! I mean geez...I'm sitting on the grass here....pee rolls down hill...and the Dad is just sitting there doing NOTHING. WTH? Ok, note to self, when at an outdoor festival, keep little man's pee pee in the pants.

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