Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Zilker Cracker Festival

The Zavala's enjoyed another fun-filled family day this weekend at the Zilker Kite Festival. Of course, for Hayden I have renamed it the Cracker Festival, because by the end of the day all of us and the wagon were covered in some form of cracker.

We splurged and bought the Odyssey Radio Flyer Wagon for the event, and I must say it was worth it!!! Hayden loved his wagon and it was nice not to have to lug around all our junk. The wagon held all of mommy and daddy's much needed supplies for the day.

Hayden, as usual, gravitated straight towards the guys playing soccer. I swear that boy loves anything sports. Too bad his momma doesn't have that same passion. Oh well, I guess I will now. His main concern with the kites was how to grab one and destroy it. The rest of the day was spent looking for bigger and better sticks. But all in all, I think we all had fun on Sunday.

Saturday I went to the Mothers of Multiples Sale downtown and got lots of goodies. I ended up with 2 double strollers - a jogging and regular double - for less than the price of just one stroller. No, they aren't the strollers I might pick out new. But hey, $40 for a jogging stroller? How can I say no to that. I also got an exersaucer to replace the great one M let me borrow. I figured, since I'm having a second kid, I should just bite the big one and get one of our own.

So this afternoon I'm thinking about testing out my new jogging stroller on the nature trails here in our neighborhood. Hopefully, no one looks at me too weird for pushing a double stroller with only one kid.

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lindi said...

Man that radio flyer looks awesome. too bad they didn't have those when I was a kid... we just had that metal tin can one.