Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not all news can be good news

I wish I could always have wonderful results to write about. I wish I never had to write anything that didn't have a wonderous happy ending. But, that's not life.

So we had the ultrasound today. The cysts in the baby's kidney basically take up the entire kidney. The doctor doesn't think the kidney is working because of this. So our little munchkin is down to one kidney.

The right kidney looked healthy though. I guess I can pray that it will always stay that way. It is very scary to think that if anything happened to this last kidney, that his life would be in danger. Of course, God is miraculous and had the forethought to give us two kidneys. If this was any other organ, he'd be up a creek. And I'm not constantly worrying that I only have one heart, liver, brain, etc. We don't get backups of those. So I'm trying to just accept this and keep faith that everything will turn out ok.

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Shelley said...

I believe everything will be just fine. Our little Baby Z will be a miracle! Prayers are up.