Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Day Inside

So, Monday was a very industrious day for me, lots of cleaning ect. Which apparently, has taken me two days so far to recover from. Argh, where is my energy?

Today Hayden still has his cold/fever which started yesterday, so no big trips for us. Okay, so for those of you with traveling lives, "big trip" means leaving the house. HA!

But that's fine with me, I can find plenty of random things to do here at home. And there's always World of Warcraft to keep me company while Hayden naps.

I picked up a new interest in the creative world. I've recently become addicted to making cards! I know, addicted = made 2 cards. But, sheesh people, I have limited supplies of cash and time. It seems like a worthwhile creative outlet, considering the obscene amounts I spend on cards anyway. Plus, I can personalize the card perfectly for the person. Which I truly love. So many times I just pick whatever looks cute in the store, but it's not an exact fit. So if any of you share my new love, we need to get together! Cause I got lots to learn. Granted my cards look one step above my pre-school craft days, but hey, I try. I figure I can only get better. Meanwhile, you all will have to put up with my cards! I've got a gazillion baby showers coming up, and this new interest fits right in with that! Plus, all the birthdays!

And no, I haven't forgotten scrapbooking. It's just more motivating to do cards that I know SOMEONE will eventually see besides Mark.

I'm still waiting patiently for my allergies to go away. Yuck. I thought, for a brief blissful moment, that they were gone...but no. Woke up with sore throat, icky congestion. Don't feel horrible, so it's still allergies.

And I've decided to start preparing for the new critter arriving in July. Last time I put it off and got caught on bedrest. Granted, preparing this time means setting up the pack-n-play, and pulling out a few newborn clothes, but still! The joy of having another shopping. I was in the store this weekend, and thought I'd buy a little something for the new one, but after looking around, I realized I didn't need anything, and most of the clothes I had were cuter than the ones on the racks. Yay to my willpower.

This post has absolutely no point, hence the numerous paragraphs as I jump from random thought to random thought.

Hehe. I should really put links up to my fav bloggers. There are a few in particular that I'm addicted to. Fellow mommies of course. Hmmm...maybe I'll end this snorefest and do that.

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M said...

I want your new addiction of card making. I've always WANTED to...I did it once. Then realized my preschool crafts WERE better than my adult ones and gave it up. Bummer because I *heart* mailing cards. I haven't done so in quite a while. Loser me.

Also...hell to the yeah on not buying clothes for a child of the same sex. I still get use out of some of Liam's things for the girlchild even though they are shaped COMPLETELY different and were born in different seasons. Whatever. Onesies are timeless. :)

And um, fav bloggers? Clearly YOU are whacko. ;) But I appreciate making it on that small list. WOO HOO!