Monday, February 25, 2008

Long Whining Day

So, someone tell me, is this whining all day just a phase? I certainly hope so. I suppose it's a combination of his lack of communication abilities and overall frustration with me not understanding him. Or something. He's also not into shopping with me apparently. Today I went to USA Baby to browse goods for our newest Zavala. Not that we need anything, but thanks to a friend I had a nifty $25 coupon to spend, and I was determined to use it!! I've never seen a store give a $25 coupon, most are like $10, or heck $5. Woot. So I bought 3 items. Yeah, not the cheapest store, I could have walked out with 10 items at Walmart. I got a super cute T-shirt for Hayden that said "Big Brother: AKA 'The Boss'", and a onsie for little zavala that said "Lil Bro". I thought they were too cute. And I got this awesome cloth high chair thingie. Basically, it's a little harness that attaches to any chair so a baby can sit upright. Oh, so back to the story... Hayden was a grumps through the whole thing. Which stunk because I was actually enjoying looking through all the baby goods.

But, he does have his snuggly moments. Like tonight, he just wanted to snuggle up in my lap. And not just anyone's lap, my lap. So yeah, he gets some points for that. =D When I put him to bed tonight I laid down beside him for a moment and he had the biggest grin on his face. That's my boy.

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