Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Whale coming through

So between vegging with a sick kiddo and being preggo, I think I've gained like 8 freakin lbs this month. I basically feel like a giant slug. And I still have 4 months to go, argh! My laziness knows no bounds. Cooking in this house has become extinct. Any semi-cooking adventures include only macaroni and cheese. Where is my energy???

Plus, I've recently entered the nuclear heat phase of the pregnancy. I am freakin HOT!! And no, not a sizzling hot mama. A grumpy, cranky, sweaty momma. Last night Mark comes home to a frigid house in which I'm STILL hot. Our usual 75 degree house was a shocking 71. Oh well, give me a break, I'm running around after a toddler!

And I've definitely reached the jiggly phase of being pregnant. You know, where everything jiggles, belly, boobs, etc. Hayden and Mark were playing on the couch this morning and I had to grouch at them for jiggling my boobs!!!

So yes, this is the complaint post today. I think one is allowed to complain when their bras don't fit anymore!! Bras are a necessary and important part of life and I'm down to one!!!

Speaking of that, I have a pile of laundry glaring at me that I'm completely unmotivated to touch. It's not the laundry part that bothers me, it's the folding!! And figuring out where to stuff things once they are folded. At least I get to leave the house today. Yay for playdates! They allow me to forget about all the stuff I need to get done here at home. Haha.

Oh and in other interesting news, last night Mark brought home an Amish Friendship Bread starter. It's a bit like a pet, I must say. Basically, you feed and water it and every 10 days you can make the bread and get some starters to give to other friends who might enjoy a pet too. It's taken on quite a few "lively" characteristics. For instance, I heard a "splat" a few minutes ago, walked downstairs and discovered my new pet had walked off the table. Creepy.

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Anonymous said...

it's alive... alive! Yeah those crazy walking bread thingies will do that every time! Sorry to hear you're having an off day. Give me a shout and we'll get together. Can't wait to see you! Let me know if there's something I can do to help out! Hugs!