Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Shower Buddy

So, Momma's having a hard day. Nothing bad, just one of those blah days. Me thinks...Hmmm...a nice long hot shower, maybe a candle, some nice smelling body wash...Yeah! So I throw on a show for Hayden, put up the baby gate, close the bedroom doors, and Voila! All set to enjoy my shower.

I light two candles and hop on in. Yes! This is perfect. Then...I hear, thump thump, bang bang, giggle! Uh, what?! How'd you get in here? The door was closed. I peek my shampoo covered head out the curtain and...oh shit, the candles! I mean, granted, my mommyhood had kicked in when I lit them and I put them up on the counter away from the edge, but my kid is resourceful and there is no way I'm letting him prowl around in the bathroom with lit candles. So I quickly hop out, blow out the candles, and hop back in. Brrr.

Okay, I can handle this. Hayden can play in the bathroom and I'll continue my shower. Except...peekaboo!!! Hayden's favorite game of pulling the shower curtain back to let all the cold air in to freeze my butt. Bonus points if he gets sprayed by the water flying out of the shower. Then comes the crashing of all the shampoo bottles on the side of the tub. And for extra points...the trash can! Yes, people, I had my bathroom trash can thrown in the shower with me.

Now, I know that I never received a manual with this child, but no one ever mentioned that I'd have a permanent shower buddy. Just another one of those surprises I'm learning to laugh about.


MissUTSA said...

That's freakin hilarious! Sorry you didn't get to enjoy your shower, but that is one heck of a moment to remember.

Shelley said...


LeftyMama said...

You are brave! And Hayden is a little joker ;o)

The most I've been able to do when on my own with an awake Samson is to run a bath (to avoid all the shower spraying you mention) and quickly wash myself while he plays with his bath toys on the bathroom floor. It is *not* a relaxing experience and only to be attempted in dire circumstances (i.e., extreme B.O. and greasy hair from not having time to shower on the 3 previous days). If I'm lucky, I get to rinse all the shampoo out of hair before I must leap from the tub to prevent another one of Samson's creative disasters.

Amanda said...

This made me laugh really hard...and then not look forward to the day that this will be the way I have to take showers too!! :) Thanks for being so real!

Beena said...

so that was a funny one. i cudnt help smiling.