Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear God

Dear God,

I'd like longer fingers. These short, stubby ones just aren't cutting it You see. The new music I'm working on has a chord that's bigger than an octave - and as You know You've only seen fit to grant me hands that comfortably play an octave on the piano. See my dilemma? Okay. Thanks.


P.S. Fine, I'll work on stretching those fingers. (Insert pouting face here). Maybe I'll invent finger yoga - if it's not already.

*Tap Tap - is there anyone there? It's become strangely silent on here, my high school diary had more comments for me. Did I do something crazy, like bare my soul in writing for all to see? Oh yeah, I do that every week. Quit lurking and give me some love. Just kidding...or am I?

I have absolutely nothing of interest to write about. Okay that's a lie, but I don't feel like writing about that. Funny how that works.

Next topic.

The boys: Corbin is cruising the furniture! Which is a big deal, cause my boy is LAZY and is just now figuring this out. We'll see how long it takes him to work up the motivation to walk. Hayden is still in love with his poops and talking a lot - mostly about poop. Although, fries, Elmo (which spellchecker is angrily telling me should be capitalized cause yeah, he's that important), trains, and Corbin are hot topics.

The tomato plant: My tomato plant FINALLY has flowers. It only took 6 months of TLC - sheesh! Now I'm just waiting to see the first little tomato. I'll take a pic.

The kitchen: Still not done. Sort of done. Basically done. But not. Don't ask, I don't feel like talking about that one either.

The famous line: "I put that somewhere so I wouldn't lose it...I just don't remember where". So far I've hidden from myself picture hanging wire, a piano music book, the level, the piece of plastic essential to Hayden's battery powered tractor, and 4 spoons? Okay I don't remember putting the spoons anywhere special, but nevertheless we're down 4 spoons.

Google reader: I've been going through a phase of weeding out blogs. At some point I realized I had NO interest in a few blogs and was only reading them out of some strange compulsion - like it was my summer reading list and I had to do it. If they have thousands of subscriptions, surely I should be reading them...right? I suddenly woke up to the realization that if the post is BORING (like this one) I can simple move on with my life. And the more I've been moving on, the less I care about what Fido is up to (or whatever random topic is up that day). So then I hit that scary button...unsubscribe (WAIT - don't need me!)

I can read about someone else's life or I can live my own. I think I'll live my own, even if that's harder.

Family: I've been really enjoying my visit with my Grandma, which keeps me off of here these days. It's going by quickly.

Sleep: I've been pretty wiped out lately. Don't get any weird ideas, I'm just staying up too late. Trying to fit more life into a day, and finding myself getting left with 6 hours of sleep. I just have so much I want to do! Talk to my hubby without the kiddos bouncing on us. Listen to some great music. Watch a movie or a TV series. Whatever. But I've only got from about 9pm on to do that. With the kids up early, that doesn't leave a whole lot of time. Hmmmm...

New skill: Thanks to my grandma I've finally learned out to use my espresso machine. I can make a killer espresso or latte! Woot. No more nasty, watery stuff. I can froth milk like no other. Okay I might be overstating my skills a bit, but hey - I'm learning and that's all that matters.

Is there a wrap up to all this nonsense?


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