Thursday, October 8, 2009

Margo Moooooo

Say hello to Margo Moo - Hayden's constant companion for at least the next week or so. It's kind of cute that they can make a REALLY LOUD nebulizer look like a cow, but it's still really stinkin loud.

Actually, this is Margo Moo #2. Margo Moo #1 started making really strange noises about a year into use, so I replaced her. Ouch - sorry Margo #1.

Hayden is getting to be such a big boy, that he holds his own mask and everything.

Well...he'll hold it for awhile. Then he demands that "Momma do it". That's usually for the night or morning treatments which take FOREVER - or in reality 30-40 minutes, which seems like forever to a 2 year old.

Today was the first day we all weren't sick with the flu, so we treated ourselves to a lunch at Red Lobster. After we got the bill, I remember why we don't eat at Red Lobster much. I also don't think it's a wise idea to get "All you can eat" shrimp when you have two small children with you. There really just isn't time to eat "all you can eat". Once the fries are gone, it's really time TO GO.

And for those keeping tabs on my "fitness", no I did not get the all you can eat shrimp. But it sure looked good.

I got the worlds smallest serving of pasta with shrimp, and lobster in a white sauce. I loved all 3 shrimps and 2 lobster pieces. And the kids really liked my pasta. Sheesh. Then they tried to charge me 4 extra dollars for that...and I said - I don't think so, recalculate that check dude. If I wanted a 15 dollar meal, I'd have gotten the "all you can eat" shrimp.

Now my babies are down for the night (oh thank you Lord) and I have massive cleaning to do and hopefully a run if hubby comes home early enough. Nothing like a week of sickness to get your house really crazy. I'm almost caught up with the dishes, and would be so happy if I could muster enough energy to get all the goldfish, crackers, and cheerios off the floor.


getrandom said...

It's times like these you might miss working support. Ha! Who are we kidding... that will never happen!

Just Me said...

Hmmm...ringing phones all day, crabby customers, and trying to convince a customer that he does NOT in fact have a fiber card? (Yes I really had that discussion). Oh no.

Long walks on the trails, lunches out with my family, and silly gigglers I'll take any day.