Monday, October 12, 2009

One of those days

Today was just one of those days. Mark was gone half the day (or more than half) interviewing and Hayden deciding napping was for sissies.

So we played lots of trains.

And watched Veggie Tales.

And made yummy butternut squash soup.

And I crocheted a block for a blanket I'm working on.

And I read old posts from one of my favorite blogs to make me feel more inspired to be a mommy.

And then Hayden decided to eat Styrofoam - fortunately he thought it was "yucky" and spit it out...phew.

And then my brand new blender stopped working because I dared to blend cooked, softened squash in it.

But good news...tonight Heroes is on. Which means hubby and I will cuddle on the couch watching our favorite show, while Hayden indulges in Thomas the Train on the laptop.

There may even be popcorn involved...only because Hayden has been asking for

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