Friday, October 23, 2009

Zavalas Go Camping! (Part 1)

The Zavala family enjoyed an outing to Bastrop State Park in the middle of the week!

While Hayden snoozed in the car, Corbin assisted Daddy in the campsite setup.

Then he got in a little exercise by doing laps around the tent.

Rawr! Time to chase mommy.

Pine needles are yummy.

Come back later for more camping photos!!
We enjoyed our mid-week excursion.
Sadly, (or happily) it will be our last for awhile, because Hubby got a new job!
Isn't he awesome?


LeftyMama said...

You have inspired me to give camping a try this year. I've been wondering how to do it, with all of my anxiety about sleeping arrangements, but this weather is just too gorgeous to pass up the opportunity. I'd expect it was just wonderful to be there mid-week with not so much noise & crowding. Do tell - how do y'all set up the sleeping arrangements? Does everyone go to sleep at the same time, or do you try to wait out the boys and have time for Mom & Dad to chat/read/play a game/whatever after they pass out?

Congrats on the new job!!!

Just Me said...

Yes, Hayden was definitely ready for camping!!! Corbin, not so much, haha. But Hayden LOVED the tent and sleeping bags.