Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seventy Times Seven

Mat 18:21-22 Then Peter came to Him and asked, "Lord, how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times?"
"No, not seven times," Jesus replied, "but seventy times seven!
You know what I'm learning? We're all messed up - especially me. Me, especially, because I know all my own junk.

I've let people down. People have let me down.

I've made mistakes. I've watched others make mistakes.

I want to be perfect - but I'm not.

I desperately desire to do good - but I don't.

I've done lots of things that I'm ashamed of.

Which means I'm the least eligible to point fingers.
Joh 8:7 They kept demanding an answer, so He stood up again and said, "All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!"
Yet, how easy is it to take what I know to be right, apply it to another life (but not my own), and condemn. Do you ever do that? Judge. Criticize. Blame.

I have. Ick. On those days, I should just crawl back under that rock I live under!

How wonderful would it be if instead of falling into my old nature of critic, I changed my viewpoint to forgiveness and mercy?

Pretty awesome I think.

Maybe we could all live out the true meaning of Easter - a God who has given us forgiveness and mercy, instead of condemnation.

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