Monday, December 17, 2007

Staying Calm...Unsuccessfully

Okay, way to much to do and no time or energy to do it. I don't know what I will actually finish or what this house will look like when 11 ladies arrive to play Bunco tomorrow. Right now, I'm procrastinating and I'm hungry. There is no convenience food in this house. Everything is a long drawn out meal that needs to be cooked. If I actually make some progress tonight (which I MUST do) I will post pics of my success.

I'm also freaking out because we leave for KY on Friday and I'm almost out of allergy meds. I call to get my prescription filled (which is slightly out of date) and they tell me the doctor refused. WHAT??? Argh, now I'm going to have to call this stupid guy. It's probably his ploy to get me to come in for another appt. I was just there in freakin March. How many allergy appts do I need? But I NEED this stuff before I leave. AGH! Why cause me this extra stress? Another "to-do" on an already overflowing list.

I am tired. I got a total of 5 hours of sleep last night and would appreciate some more. Yet hours of cleaning await me. My butt does not want to leave this chair. Not without some dinner. HAHA. I need a dinner fairy. ;)

Ok, enough procrastinating. I must work. Ugh.

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Metalchick said...

wow look at all that you accomplished! You are a rockstar and an inspiriation! I was able to get most of my presents wrapped yesterday, the laundry done, and also ended up having some fun with Dalia in the process. Good luck with food prep and Bunco. You'll have a great time when it gets to that time. I have GOT to finish christmas cards. See you thursday! Hugs!