Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Day, No More Dollars

So I'd love to report that today was a cheery wonderful day, to make up for yesterday...but hmmm. All I can say is:

#1 Hayden's fever seems to be mostly gone
#2 Hayden didn't have a meltdown at the Dr. office

So I did get my prescription refilled, yay! Of course the appointment was just like every other appt. Yup, still have allergies. Yup, still taking medicine. Nope, not able to do the immunology yet. Ok see you next year. Argh! But I got my medicine, so whatever.

Hayden is testing his boundaries more and more. His reaction to my saying "No No" is now ...aaaaagh (roll around on the floor) followed by more crying. Do they make Mommy earplugs? I think I need some. He's also discovered the stairs, I guess that means I need a baby gate now. Everytime I turn my back he's like halfway up the stairs and laughing at me. Quick little bugger.

He had a slight meltdown on our walk today...argh. But a little time at the playground fixed that. I am becoming more and more aware that he is a little person with BIG wants. Unfortunately, he can't have everything he wants, which always leads us to major fussing and some tantrums. Something I dread dealing with at my Mom's. Both her and my grandma have this zero tolerance on tantrums. Ok, seriously, he's 13 months old. He understands like 4 words: Hayden, No, Touchdown, and Yay. How do I explain to him that his tantrums are undesirable using those words? And I don't thinking beating the poor kid will get the point across either. He doesn't understand spankings or other physical stuff. He's a baby!!! So this should be fun. I'll get "the look" my kid is out of control and it's obvious I don't know how to discipline him. Yeah, I'd like to take a look back at them when they were doing this. I'm sure they didn't have perfect kids either. And if they did, that had nothing to do with them.

So yeah, let's hope he stays relatively happy at Grandma and Grandpa's. This is probably my last blog until after the new year, so Merry Christmas!!!

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Metalchick said...

goes to show what I know about raising kiddos. I thought you were doing an awesome job at keeping your cool and keeping hayden under wraps. I think you're more sensitive to his needs than others which is probably the right thing... Just take heart. You're an awesome mom! The next 18 to 25 years are going to be fun and adventurous. You don't have to have all of the answers now but you are doing an awesome job :) It's tough but rewarding. Good luck. Have a great super fun trip. I am going to stop procrastinating now. Hugs!