Friday, December 14, 2007

Time is running short

Well good morning all! It's amazing how much better my mood is when I don't turn the TV on at all. Typically the morning starts with me eating (or uh sharing with hayden) my breakfast while watching whatever lousy morning show is on. Honestly, I couldn't care a rip about most of the crap they talk about. And some of it is just ridiculous. A recent dialog on a morning show:

Dumb lady: "I have faith in myself"

Other lady: "Isn't that hard though? I mean, as people we are imperfect. We let ourselves and others down"

Dumb lady: "I have faith in my imperfections".

Huh? What the heck does that mean? Argh, I swear I can't relate to these people.

But today, I didn't rot my mind with their mindless dribble and I'm much happier for it. I've got the music playing (xmas of course) and the tea seeping on the stove. The weather is nice and cold, which makes me feel like it really is December. These 80 degree days in December are just freaky.

Parents beware, the M&Ms Christmas commercial may cause uncontrollable crying in your toddler. You know the one, "They DO exist!" and both Santa and the red M&M pass out. Somehow this is on the same level as a horror flick for Hayden. As soon as he sees it he begins to cry like he's been slapped by Santa or something. And it's not a fluke, all four times it has happen to show before I can change the channel, he's cried. My poor sensitive baby. My only wonder is...which part is the scary part? Hmmmm...maybe he doesn't like Santa.

I'm sure you are all waiting impatiently to hear what I did for my grandmother. That same day I developed a ton of Hayden pics, stuffed as many as I could fit into a photo album, wrote a nice letter and shipped off a package to her. There! I did my duty.

I guess I should embellish a bit on this story. From your comments, I think you all might be thinking of her as this poor little old lady, knitting and drinking tea, anxiously awaiting letters from me. Sorry to disappoint, but that is not quite the case. Unfortunately, both my grandparents on that side were alcoholics. I have a lot of memories at their house, playing with my cousin, but very few of them! Ha. Mostly because they were probably passed out somewhere. My cousin and I (who were like 5 at the time), made our own breakfast and pretty much did whatever we wanted as long as we didn't make noise. Every memory of my grandfather is him plastered to the living room recliner. He even slept there with the static of the TV as background noise. One time my cousin and I flooded the entire backyard (we left the water on after playing "mud wrestling" with his action figures) and no one ever noticed. Mostly cause I don't think I ever saw them leave the house. She was a horrible pack rat too. Newspapers stacked to the ceiling and stuff like that. I remember one time I was all upset because she was acting mean for no reason. My cousin took me into the bedroom, shut the door, and explained to me (at 5 years old no less) that she was drunk. I didn't even know what that meant. And the fact that he did at 5 yrs was sad. I still think about him and how messed up his life was because of them and his alcoholic Dad he lived with. And I think about how messed up his Dad and my Dad were because of my grandparents. But I moved away at 6, so I haven't seen anyone since. Grandfather is dead now. So no, she's not a sweet little old lady who just wants to hear from her granddaughter.

Bleh. Enough of that. But that's, as they say, the rest of the story.

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