Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Randomness

No real coherent thoughts today, so it's a perfect Friday randomness post.

1. My mind has been focused on frugal things lately. Different aspects, but all frugality related. How can I save money on our food bill? Forcing myself to request a dinner out less. Not buying new toys or educational stuff for Hayden just because I think he needs it. Trying more natural cleaners and products. Baking soda has become a new staple of my life. I guess it's the economy? Seeing so many losing their jobs, although we haven't faced that challenge yet. But if it should come to that I'd like to be prepared.

2. Today I thought Hayden might be old enough to introduce a "matching" game. I had recently gotten one in a kid's meal a few weeks ago. But after pulling it out, I saw that the cards were very small and the matching pictures were all too similar for Hayden to be able to separate. It was made for much older kids.

My mind instantly went to an Elmo matching game I had read about. Then, I stopped. No, we don't need to buy anything. How could I make our own matching game? First I thought about magazines or other things around the house, but how could I get two pictures of the same thing? Then, I the light bulb went on. I don't need pictures to cut out, I'll just take my own and print them!! So I busted out my camera and went around taking pictures of things Hayden loves and already knows the words for.

I printed those out 4x6 and taped them to colorful card stock I already had bought over 5 years ago. Hehe, I lovingly refer to my tape job as the poor woman's laminater! So far I've done three matches - his sippy cup ("Cup" he calls it), Corbin (or "baby), and his frog! I also took pictures of Elmo, and his "Mac" truck, but haven't printed those yet.

3. I'm really excited about the matching cards and so was his ECI (early childhood intervention) case worker. She opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities for them. I had already thought about using them to teach him new words, but she suggested using them to teach colors, and 2 word phrases, even transitions. Taking pictures of our house, or the park, or church.

This is definitely an awesome idea for anyone who has a toddler, but especially if their are also struggling verbally like Hayden.

4. Hayden has been making great strides verbally. I think I will list (for my own records) those words he's saying now, I'm sure I'll forget some:

  1. Ball
  2. Cup
  3. Down
  4. Up
  5. Car
  6. Baby
  7. Mac
  8. Door
  9. Cat
  10. Bye-bye
  11. More
  12. Milk
  13. Popcorn - or "Copcorn" as he calls it
  14. Dada
  15. Mama
  16. Blanket
  17. Elmo
  18. No
  19. Please
  20. Thank you
  21. Bubble
  22. Grape
  23. Cheese
  24. Cookie
  25. Cracker
  26. Bee
  27. Monkey
  28. Tiger
  29. Fry
  30. Book
  31. Rock
  32. Frog
  33. Potty
  34. Pig
  35. Dog
  36. Cat
  37. Head
  38. Eye
  39. Ear
  40. Nose
  41. Mouth
  42. Eat
  43. Belly
  44. Shoe
  45. Sock
  46. Apple
  47. Bear
  48. Drop
  49. Go
  50. Blue
  51. Yellow
  52. Green
  53. Light
  54. Night night
  55. Duck
  56. All done
  57. Goldfish
  58. Cheek
  59. Train
Haha, ok that's all I can think of for now. Sorry for the long scrolling, I just needed to write it out. His list up until a few months ago was about 6 words long. A 50 word spoken vocabulary was one of those big milestones he just didn't hit.

5. The kitchen made one more bit of progress last weekend. We got the bar built and the wood put down that will go under the counter tops. Still no other progress. He said something about coming this Sunday. I'm not holding my breath.

6. Corbin's appointment went well. His non-functioning kidney is now half the size is was at birth. The body will slowly absorb it until no kidney is present. This is a good thing, if it didn't, they might have to remove the kidney later. The functioning kidney is now the size of an 18 month old's kidney. It grows largerto take on the extra work.

Hayden is doing better as well. No more breathing scares after last Thursday.

7. I miss my microwave. 'Nuff said.

8. For the past two days Corbin has started sitting for longer periods of time (longer = 2-3 minutes without major fallovers) My hope is increasing that I will have a son who will eventually learn to sit. ;)

9. Hayden tried Turkey Bacon last week and loved it. It's unpredictable what he'll eat.

10. Hayden's random antics crack me up. Here's what I found earlier this week. Was he trying to tell me he wants to go outside? Or is this just a car "line-up"?

11. We had started potty training last week, but Hayden took an extreme aversion to all things potty related, so we are taking a break. I did get him to both pee and poop in his potty, but it was more of a novelty to him than anything else.

12. I've been wanted to clear off my dining room table for awhile (it's been acting as our counter top for some time). Now that we sort of have a counter top, I should clear it up. After the bar was built, Mark and I realized that we stole 4 inches out of our dining room to make the kitchen bigger. Oops. Now I'm thinking our large table is not fitting as well. I'd love to find a used round table and sell the other (although I really love our table). I think round would fit the area much better without compromising the number of people we could serve. I'd still want to keep 6 settings. Until then I'll just make do with the awkward space.

13. Last week after Hayden's bath I had trouble getting him to get out of the tub. So I drained all the water out, but he still stayed playing. I figured I'd go do some things, and when he wanted out he'd call. Uh huh. After a couple minutes alone, I went to check since I didn't hear anything. He'd found something to occupy him. He had pooped IN THE TUB, and was now kicking it around the tub...time for another bath. That's what I get for leaving him unsupervised. This kid can find entertainment anywhere, let me tell you.

14. My mother-in-law had given us a baby brain dvd a LONG time ago, and I had totally neglected to play it, and subsequently forgot all about it. Today, in the effort to NOT play the same movies over and over, I dusted it off and threw it in. It's actually really cool and super educational. All about shapes, numbers, words, even classical music running in the background. Sheesh, maybe if I had played this Hayden would be an even smarter cookie! Well, at least I found it now.

15. I also found our Planet Earth DVDs. Dude, dvds like these make me wish I had one of those flat screen super duper tvs and not my $50 oldie but goodie. I can imagine how awesome these would look on something like that. One day they will become all too common, and then I'll get one on Craig's list, HA!

16. Jogging has been sporadic. Monday was too cold. I got to go Wednesday. Today, I thought the ECI lady was coming at 9am, then remembered it was 12. But luckily I didn't go, cause she showed up an hour early since one of her appointments canceled. So no jog today, since I don't like to have the kids out in the full afternoon sun. I have to be really careful with Corbin, his medication makes him photosenstive. I even cover his side of the stroller with fabric to block the sun.

17. Hayden now has a huge interest in sign language. Which has me looking up signs more and more. He randomly started signing More last week, was already doing please, and now thank you. We're also learning diaper, again, and others. Previous to this, having him sign would just make him angry, so I'm excited he's liking it!

18. I found some great new blogs, and gotten rid of others that have gotten boring or just too negative. Eventually I'll update the blog roll to reflect this. If I read your blog and it's not listed, let me know. Sometimes I don't list them because I'm not sure if you want traffic from strangers. But if your blog is open to interested readers, I'll certainly add it!

19. Right now Hayden is rolling grapes around on his tray. His much ore interested in their similarity to balls right now then their nutrition potential...sigh.

20. IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! I don't know what the hubby and I are up to, but in my mind I always build up big possibilities. Usually, they stay in my head and never see the light of day. But every week visions of picnics, family nights, walks, and hanging out fill my head. Maybe one of these days we'll actually do it!


LeftyMama said...

Hey, stranger! I realized I hadn't seen you guys in a such a long while (where does the time go?), so I decided to come try to catch up on the blog while slurping down some morning coffee. It sounds like (slow kitchen remodeling & tub poop aside) things are going pretty great at Casa Zavala. I'm so happy to hear about Hayden's blooming vocabulary -- sounds just like all the other toddlers his age that I know. And Corbin is getting so big!!

A friend just bought a house in the Rattan Park 'hood. I was telling her about all the great walks we used to take over there, and the tadpoles in creek in the springtime. Are y'all gonna go check them out this year? It'd be great to meet for playdate over there some wknd soon, or maybe an evening picnic supper....

Hugs! --Shannon

T-Bone said...

I love reading your blog. Even though I only know who you are through Jenny, you seem to have such a positive outlook, and it is so refreshing! Thank you!

Just Me said...

Hey Shannon!! Yes we desperately need to get together - I miss you! Oh and crockpots are THE way to go (thanks for mentioning that in your other comment). Sometimes I forget about mine.

T-bone - Any friend of Jenny's is a friend of mine!! Glad you're liking my blog. =D