Thursday, March 26, 2009

Party like a Carny

Looking for something fun to do this Friday afternoon? Head to Jollyville Rd for some Carny food and field day activities. From dunking random people you don't know (aka QuickArrow execs) to stuffing your face with nachos and atomic cheese to running through the obstacle course, you're sure to be entertained Carny style.

All this and more this Friday - yes tomorrow - from 1pm-5pm! Just head to 11675 Jollyville Road, Austin, Texas 78759. All the action will be taking place in the parking lot.

This is all in support of fund raising for the Austin Cup which benefits the Center for Child Protection.

So why not stop by? Who wants to work on a Friday anyway, you deserve a day off AND it's for a good cause. (And there will be no danger of carnivorous clowns - which I can't guarantee at your workplace).

Pic from lulu


Gail said...

Um, you are up rather late,lol.

MJ said...

I love when you say "All the action will be taking place in the parking lot." Flash back to your college years???? heheheheh.