Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh..Melts my Heart!

Zavala boys went on a road trip with Mommy today! We all survived.

I have a sink. I real sink. With water! Okay, well I have half a sink. One side is still not hooked up - they lost some part for the garbage disposal. Too just come home from our road trip to a "perfectly" working sinking, would just be too good to be true. Those kind of things do not happen to the Zavalas. The Zavalas do not win the lottery, scratch offs, or contests. They do not have easy remodel jobs, or even easy pieces of remodel jobs.

They do not survive a hail storm without damage. Our car looks like it was attacked by a sledge hammer and we need a new windshield.

And they don't have worry-free, healthy kids, but they sure are cute!!!

Ah the little things. Just having them is a gift. I remember before they were born I thought about what they would be like. If they would be "advanced" in some way or another. You know, that "proud parent" moment. We were talking with friends a while back and they mentioned how they loved to tell their "proud parent" moments.

For a quick second that hit my heart a little bit. Our children, though precious and wonderful in every way, have yielded several "proud parent" moments, but not the same kind of moments other parents might have. Each new word that Hayden learns is such a triumph to me, but no he certainly doesn't surpass any other two year old verbally, and a 20 month old we know could talk circles around him. Every time Corbin is able to sit I silently cheer for my sweet delicate baby. But no, he was not a "quick to sit" baby. Other babies are proudly displayed standing all by themselves! Babies younger than sweet Corbin. But I'm simply proud that he is here smiling at me at all.

He's performed a feat far greater than the typical first year milestones. He's alive and living with only one kidney! His kidney has grown to the size of an 18 month old's to compensate for the extra work. Wow. Truly amazing.

But no, that's not really something one throws out at the group of moms comparing achievements.

In the past 2 1/2 years, I've learned to become ok with the silence on my end during these types of discussions. In all honesty, I have to admit that it used to hurt, sometimes still does.

Wow, 19 months old and repeats everything you say?
Man, 22 lbs already??
So cute, teaching her funny phrases.
Look at him sit! That's amazing
Oh my he's really strong.
I can't believe she understands most of what you say!!

Does Hayden x, y, z? Or is Corbin x,y, z? not yet, but soon I think!

Oh but what wonderful babies they are! What they might lack in the milestones, they surely make up for in personality!! If only personality was a milestone!! I'd have some real bragging rights then. Giant smiles. Infectious laughs. Great hugs. Great snuggles. Always joyful (ok almost always, Hayden is a 2 year old). Love being tickled. Loves being chased! Miracle babies they are!!

So begone you Mommy braggers. My kids will rock the world someday! They already have rocked mine.


MZ said...

FYI, Hayden started walking waaay before the competition and was insanely strong from the get-go. I remember him pushing off with his legs after only a few weeks and being able to support his body weight (assisted of course) after a month or so. True story. Our little linebacker!!!

Oh, and Corbin will proudly hold the record for most hair on a baby's head. Period!!! Beat that!!! =P

Robyn said...

For the record, I think you definitely have a place in the mommy bragging circles. The thing is, you don't have to say anything because we all KNOW you have the most adorable little guys ever. I don't know Hayden as well, but Corbin is the sweetest-natured, smilingest baby I've ever seen and everyone I talk to thinks the same thing. We're lucky we haven't had brawls in the nursery about who gets to play with him. ;)

Tamra said...

You're a crack up! :D
I just have to roll my eyes when mamas start comparing - cuz this mama knows (and my babies taught me) that every baby is soooo different, and each one will be strong in one area and weak in another. No big deal!

And, lock up your daughters FOR REAL! LOL