Monday, April 13, 2009

A Good Day

Corbin continues to amazing me. Today he mastered the concept of rolling a ball back and forth between me and him.

Having an "out of the box" thinker like Hayden as a first child, I am continually amazed by the little things Corbin does.

Hayden was not, let's say, a "team" player. He's always done his own thing. If it happened to be what you wanted it was just coincidence. HA! If you rolled a ball to Hayden, he'd grab it and just keep it. Even now, he still grabs and runs off.

To have a child who enjoys "copying" Mamma and playing her games is fun.

Hayden had another ENT appointment today. He cried a little bit for the exam, but did great for the hearing test and ear drum test. Previously, he would scream during the ear drum test and they could never get results.

His hearing has improved from 40 decibels of loss to only 10! For those unfamiliar, levels of up to 15 are normal. Anything higher is hearing loss. 40 is considered mild to moderate hearing loss. So we've made progress!! Yay!

His language is picking up well. No phrases yet, but lots of words. Sometimes we get interesting results:

Pointing at my failed attempt at pumpkin bread:

Poo Poo?

Now pointing at anything he doesn't like or want to eat:

Poo Poo?

Words uttered whenever he wants to divert attention from his brother and get us to change his diaper:

Poo Poo Pee Pee!

Whenever he gets in trouble and wants to get out of trouble quick:

Sorry (while also signing "Sorry")

When eating something he likes:

Mmmm...That's goooood (all one word)

He also thinks that if he says and signs Please he can get whatever it is he wants.

New words include Fries, Track (like train tracks), Nug Nugs (chicken nuggets), Wall-E, and EeeeevAH!


TamraGirl said...

It's crazy how that even though I've never met you or your kids, I cheer right along with you! Thanks for sharing.

(btw, I think you usually read that's me. :) Just wanted to make sure you knew who I was, haha)

Ebit Akers said...

I'm so glad to hear that Hayden's at 10 dB from a 40 dB loss... wow! And yay Corbin for rolling the ball back and forth with Mamma :)

Jen said...

If Hayden refers to some of your cooking as poo poo, I won't even try to make anything for him haha. He'd probably find a way to bring a curse word out if he ate half this stuff I made hahaha.