Sunday, April 12, 2009 an Eggshell

1. I got no pictures from today. :( If anyone got any with my kids in them, I'd love to get them.

2. Morning started with a downpour of rain. The egg hunt area was a mud pit and having anything outside seemed impossible.

3. God makes the impossible possible. By the time church was over not only was the sun shining, but ALL of the ground was dry.

4. Today was busy, but good. It began early at 7am with getting the kids changed, dressed, and fed. Then came making over a dozen breakfast tacos for our hardworking church setup crew. They are truly hardworking since we have to set up and tear down our church every week with no building.

5. Ye of little faith. That was me today. It's not going to stop raining. Even if it does stop raining it will be all muddy. I should have just trusted.

6. We had soooooooooooooo many eggs to hide. Wow. Our community groups went above and beyond with the eggs. We had so many, by the end we were just dumping them all over. It ended up being at least an hour job. Wow.

7. Secretly, I had hoped to sit in service since I haven't gotten a full church service in about a month. But I heard it was completely full!! Wow. It must have been, because children's ministry was hopping.

8. We had over 70 kids back in children's. I held babies until my arms ached. I hopped fences and scurried and scrambled to plug in teachers and get this and that. I hope I served my teachers well today.

9. My friend (who I will leave nameless so I don't embarrass her) was a life saver today. Between helping me with the thousands of eggs to serving in children's ministry, she went above and beyond today. I think I would have had a stroke without her. My lifesaver!

10. Every kid had overflowing baskets/bags of eggs. So even though we didn't get to hide ALL of them, there was an abundance.

11. Rudy's BBQ was good.

12. Hayden picked up eggs this year, not sticks and rocks. But I missed it. Corbin was exhausted and had passed out in my arms. I had to stick close to the shade and hold my baby. No sunshine for Corbin!

13. Unlike last year where Hayden wouldn't stay out of the Easter Bunny's lap, this year he ran away from him. He pointed out the "Bunny" and smiled at him, but didn't want to get too close.

14. Hayden loved the bouncy houses and survived the other kids. Apparently, they were getting a little wild on the slide and Mark had to "supervise" and control the situation.

15. Kids did NOT want to nap when we got home finally. Grumbling and whining from both. Then suddenly both fell 5pm. Exhausted Mom and Dad decided to take a nap too. We all woke up at 7:30pm. Oops.

16. I still had shopping to do, hit the store at 8:30pm, got back at 10pm and kids are still up!!

17. Almost midnight and although it's been a LONG day, it's also been a miraculous day and that is worth every ounce of effort I put it and shames me for every comment or complaint I may have made about all the work.


Gail said...

We didn't get a single picture either. Totally missed the Easter Bunny. By the time, he hopped out, our duty came to work the bouncey house, which I hear seemed like a free for all until we clocked in,lol.

But the Sun came out (Dan and I have some burns to show it). And the people came out too. Hopefully some new people will recome back next week, and the week after, etc.

You didn't miss too much of sermon. In my eyes, it was a lot of repeat from last week.

Robyn said...

You did an AWESOME job back in CM yesterday! You were everywhere at once and always managed to show up just when I needed an answer or an extra pair of hands or something. And I think I have some pictures of Mark Hayden -- I'll look and send them to you.

Just Me said...

Gail: Ha! Well I was in children's last week too, so I guess I'll check it out online.

Robyn: Thanks! I wish we'd have gotten more pics, but alas I only have 2 arms and they were both busy!

Robyn said...

Hm, that would be Mark AND Hayden, not Mark Hayden.