Monday, April 20, 2009

Airing Out

Check out my babies "toofers". You may have to click on the picture, but I assure you, they can be seen.

Corbin has refused all proper teething methods, and will only chew on wooden blocks, the tail of his stuffed dog, or random tags or plastic. ACK! We compromised on a wet washcloth with a tag.

Somehow, I think letting my 9 month old chew on plastic bags would be frowned upon in most circles.

I cannot believe he's gotten all these teeth in one week. He's also gotten a lot more vocal. Random grunts, Aaaagh, and dat dat dat are heard all ... day ... long.

We leave for KY in a week, and I'm starting to get nervous. Visions of Hayden running through security and being tackled by airport personnel are invading my mind. Although, from what I've seen today, I find it unlikely they will catch him.

When I announced it was nap time, he scurried out the back door (pantless of course, cause that's just how we roll) and made me chase him around the yard to catch him. This is going to get interesting, if I'm gonna need to do this whenever I want him to do something.

We've instituted the "no special meals" policy for Hayden. In other words, he is served the same dinner that we eat, no special "Nug nugs" or any thing else. In fact, I haven't bought chicken nuggets in 2 weeks. We are still working through it, there have been a few nights where he's not eaten what's been served, but we're holding firm. I'm extremely happy that he's not living on chicken nuggets anymore. Even if we did buy the "good" ones, it's still processed crap.

The weather is gorgeous today, so I have both doors open so I can air out the house. I also get all the great outdoor noises - chimes, birds, okay yes and a truck driving by.

Today Hayden had a reaction to some bread I had bought (it had sesame seeds on it). Since I had planned on serving that bread all week, it looks like I'll have to bake some bread. And soon. Toast is apart of Hayden's breakfast. He gets toast and fruit. It's also frustrating to find yet another allergen. That brings the total to 3 - peanuts, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds. Luckily I had Benadryl on hand for these kinds of situations.

Kitchen is still going. We have tile on the walls now. But still need doors and drawers + a few other things.


Amanda said...

The kitchen is looking great!

Gail said...

Roland prefers chewing on cloth.
This is his current teething buddy.
The price seemed quite steep, until he used it constantly, and then I felt we got our money's worth.
The paws are delicious, and so is his head and mane,lol
He even sleeps with Mr. Lion,lol.

LeftyMama said...

Dude! That looks like 4 teeth on top, and then there are at least two on bottom, too? That's a lot of teething at one time, Corbin!!!

Kitchen looks awesome already, just a few finishing touches to go.

I'm loving the ongoing bluebonnet pics. That last one of Hayden, he looks like he's about 5 or 6 years old already!

Miss y'all!

Just Me said...

Yes maybe (dare I even say it) we might have a kitchen one day.

I've learned never to buy anything toy/teething related - all my attempts usually end in them ignoring it and me out some bucks. He'll survive with his dog and washcloth. HA!

Thanks! Yes he's got lots of "buds" for potential teeth. I predict we will get all of them in the next month or two. ACK!

I miss you too!! Maybe we can do a lunch or something when I get back from KY