Friday, April 10, 2009

Peekaboo Revisited

So we all know how much Corbin loves Peekaboo, but today was just a moment of mother bliss. While I was feeding Corbin in the high chair, Hayden wandered over, looking for something to do.

All of a sudden an impromptu game of Peekaboo broke out between the brothers.

Hayden would squat down under the high chair tray so Corbin couldn't see him, then POP up! And I would say Peekaboo, while Corbin giggled and did that awesome belly laugh you only get when he's really happy.

Then Hayden would crack up, and start it all over again.

The boys so rarely interact - Hayden's just not interested in a kid that can't walk - that it's so wonderful to see them play together, and without any prompting from me.

In other news, my baby is no longer toothless!! It only too 9 1/2 months, but it's here! Yay Corbin.


LeftyMama said...

Awesome!! That's so cool (the peekaboo & the tooth). What a great moment.

I'm so envious of the gorgeous bluebonnet pics. We didn't get out there for one reason or another & now they're just about gone.

Robyn said...

I saw some gorgeous bluebonnets in Cedar Park this afternoon! They were right around Discovery and 1431, along Discovery.

Congrats to Corbin on his tooth! Evan was about 10 months when he got his first two simultaneously.