Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Shopping

Sorry for the lack of posting. Corbin has decided to finally get some teeth, and he's an overachiever so he'd like to get all 4, right now. Two on top have broken through, the bottom two are still coming.

If you have kids with teeth, you know teething is no fun. So last week my primary goal was to survive the day, not blog about it. HA!

Hayden's speech pathologist was here last friday, I told her about the change in hearing loss and she was pleased. She explained that 10 dB loss translated into Hayden might have some articulation problems and may need to sit at the front of the class or pay closer attention to whoever was speaking so he could "tune out" ambient/background noises.

We will probably meet with the school district the end of May. His current program only lasts until his third birthday. After that the school district takes over. They have a meeting with the parents 150 days before their 3rd birthday. Since school is letting out, we'll need to get that meeting done sooner. From here, if he qualifies, he can possibly get preschool classes once he turns three. But it depends on how they think he's developing.

Today is Sunday! So that means grocery shopping. I'm really taking this budget thing to heart and have really started to enjoy saving money and getting deals!! Well, I'm not even "getting deals", I'm just shopping smarter.

This week's total was 77.36. My budget was $80. BUT...this was no typical week. We're throwing a little party for a family birthday on Saturday, so I bought all that we'd need ahead of time. Most of these items were not cheap, and not something we'd typically buy: Pre-seasoned chicken and beef fajitas and sausage links alone were $21. Plus $5 for chips and salsa.

That brings my total down to around $52. AND...I bought a bulk item that will last me for a couple months. A large bottle of olive oil for $15. And a large bottle of vinegar for $1. And a special spice that will last years for $4

So that means there was really $32 of food. EXCEPT...I wanted to make a cake for the birthday, which was another $5.

So now we're looking at $27. YET AGAIN...we're going to a dinner party on Friday where I wanted to bring a special dessert, so that added $6.

Which gives us $21.

HA! But yes, I spent $77. I spent $77 and will still be able to throw a nice birthday party with good food. I can still buy bulk items and not break the budget. I can buy special ingredients for desserts and new recipes I'd like to try, and still make it work.

And no, we're not eating bread and water for dinner.

Monday: Ground turkey, potatoes with cole slaw (I had cabbage left over from our soup this week and carrots to use)
Tuesday: Tacos (need to finish off our tomatoes and lettuce) I buy the 3 lbs of turkey in bulk this week to make 3 separate meals.
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Chicken Fried Rice
Friday: Dinner Party
Saturday: Birthday Shindig
Sunday: Pizza (my dough recipe makes 2 pizzas, so I froze half after pizza this past friday) for toppings I'm making ground turkey with taco seasoning and cheddar cheese for a "taco" pizza.

Anywho, I was REALLY pysched that I came in under budget with such pricey items.

Having a budget really lets me splurge for special occasions with out feeling guilty AT ALL.

I love it.


Just Me said...

P.S. I lied Corbin now has 3 teeth out and one about to come through

Gail said...

Go Corbin! :)

Amanda said...

Yay for new teeth!

Your grocery shopping is awesome this week!! Way to go! I am trying to use up stuff from my pantry and my freezer again this week. We pretty much had ham every night last week b/c we cooked a big one for a dinner party and had tons of I am making split pea soup with the ham bone and last of the leftovers. Definitely cuts down on the groceries when you find so many uses for one type of meat. :)