Monday, March 23, 2009

Out of Control

Today is just one of those days I feel completely out of it. Is the weather? The busy busy morning? Too many emails? Having to use my brain for something other than diaper changes? Not sure.

Maybe it's the complete chaos of my living, dining..uh ok fine, house.

Maybe it's cause I ate WAY too much just now...bah!

Or cause my sleep has been all wacky lately.

Not sure.


Corbin had his 9 month check up. Tomorrow my baby will be officially 9 months old. Check up went great! All is good developmentally for my little guy, despite my whining about his toothlessness and utter laziness. He has been sitting now for extended periods of time (15 minutes or more), but is known to randomly flip to his tummy if he sees something interesting. He cannot sit up from a laying down position though. But he'll pretty much stay sitting if you place him that way which is pretty cool.

He's also sitting in high chairs at restaurants, which is AWESOME. A lot easier to deal with now.

I think my Craigslist searching is over. I'm determined to STOP LOOKING. It really took over my life!! But we don't need anything!!! Nothing!!! So I'm stopping. The only thing I'm doing now is selling. So far I've sold Hayden's toddler shoes. I've got posts for a floral arrangement and some ferret leashes out there. Now I'm in the mood to make some money. HA!

I really want to see if I can go a whole week without spending any money (not talking about bills). It's harder than it sounds, at least for me. The quick run to HEB, grab lunch on the way home, etc. Somehow I find ways to spend it. So far I have only spent the copay for Corbin's checkup and I'm not counting that. So one day down (since I know I'm not going anywhere tonight), 6 to go. I'll be amazed if I can do it. I've tried and failed before.


Gail said...

I decided to try putting up for ads myself...

Gail said...

4 I meant, lol

Gail said...

3 sales, woo hoo

Shelley said...

I need to sell some stuff and I also need to try to not spend money for at least two weeks...outside of bills and groceries....... ACK!