Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Artwork Challenge

We have come into a new phase of childhood at the Zavala house...artwork.

Now that Hayden is going to his speech classes daily, he comes home with all kinds of crafts and scribbles that are precious. Okay, well some of them are cute. Some are two black marks on a blank page - but who am I to judge the quality of original Hayden Zavala's?

So what does one do with all these?

I have come up with a solution that has worked pretty well. I save my favorites, but the rest I add to a pile for the grandparents to dig through and keep for themselves.

I also make cards for the grandparents out of scrap "coloring" activities. For instance, I cut a heart out of some of his scribbles and threw it in the Christmas card or birthday card. So far that's kept us from drowning in crafts and still avoid the guilt of tossing his hard work.

How about you? What do you do? Or maybe what did your parents do to save your childhood art?


Gail said...

Roland only does stuff like once a week right now, and whatever he does I don't tend to save (GASP). I look it this way: It's the process, NOT the product.

That said, as he ages,I will likely save some. Of course some can lead to more, can lead to all. Process!, not Product, remember, haha. Pick the most special, meaningful, best ones. They are not all good. And I am fine putting out an array of 10 and telling Roland pick the top 5 you are most proud of, etc.

I plan to eventually get one of these frames, it holds up to 50 pictures, you choose what is on display, the rest stores underneath that picture. They sell a couple different size ones I think.
Eventually you would have to sort through the 50, and say pick 5-10, so there is room to add more. Never more than 50. I think that is plenty of saving, haha.

I like the idea of using some for presents to Grandma/pa, aunts, uncles.

Gail said...

Actually that size one holds 100.
I just like that it makes it so it doesn't seem like it is clutter, haha. And one piece is always on display so no guilt, haha

Katie said...

I don't remember what my parents did, but right now I'm just taking pictures of some of Claire's artwork so we can still have a digital copy after we get rid of the original.

Just Me said...

I think it becomes harder and harder as they get older and are actually the true "creators" and participaters in the craft. Then you're amazed at their skill and creativity! When he was just scribbling with crayons I didn't get all sentimental about it, HA!