Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily Exercise...

Today I got my daily exercise, courtesy of Corbin...

Deciding I would be extra special industrious, I went grocery shopping with Corbin after dropping Hayden off at school - in the WEE hours of the morning.

Patting myself on the back for being so energetic, I was enjoying my morning shopping, until...I look down at Corbin's feet and see the dreaded....missing shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Mom's of mischievous children the world over know about "The Missing Shoe". Your kid has a propensity for rubbing his feet together as long as it takes to pop off that shoe.

And this isn't just any old shoe...THESE ARE HIS ONLY PAIR. I refuse to buy multiple pairs of shoes for the few months he will be in this size. And, of course - he LOVES these shoes.

ACK! Okay, what to do...I retrace my steps (by the way I was almost done shopping at this point), I ask the helpful store employees to watch out for a shoe, I make it all the way back to the area where I picked up the cart. I poke my head out the door of the store, just in case that little bugger is lying out in the parking lot.


Fifteen minutes later, I am now defeated. I have no other options left except Lost & Found (located past the checkout).

As I turn back to the cart, what do I see sitting on the rack under the cart? The missing shoe. I had had it with me the whole time, pushing it around the store like some idiot.

I can only laugh - this IS motherhood.

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Gail said...

I lost a shoe in HEB once. Someone saw it and instead of bringing to say customer service, they picked it up off the floor and threw it in a half empty liquor box in the liquor aisle,haha, an aisle I may have thought to go down, but didn't even go down, haha.