Monday, February 22, 2010

Muscle Relaxer Induced Post

Let's go random today....

1. There is a rumor of snow tomorrow - dare we believe it?

I can't help but get giddy at the thought. I don't know why, not like I get a Mom's "snow day" or something. I just get two stir crazy kids and possibly a husband who has to work from home amidst the chaos.

2. My kitchen was supposed to be done yesterday. We started this remodel November 2008...yes, you read that right, over a year ago.

I think we are cursed when it comes to this kitchen. Hours from job completion and they hit a pipe in the floor - water goes rushing everywhere. This leads to hours of waiting for the plumber with no water, removing tile and concrete, and now they have to come back tomorrow to finish. Oh joy.

3. I have this bottle of wine that's awaiting the "completion" celebration. I intended to drink it last summer...uh huh.

4. Hayden has been organizing things into "families". Like if there are four penguins, he labels them momma penguin, daddy penguin, Hayden penguin, Corbin penguin. On the potty the other day, after finishing he ended by pointed out the momma poo-poo, daddy poo-poo, Hayden poo-poo, and Corbin poo-poo.

5. Last week when asking Hayden to go upstairs for bedtime he responded, "Umm, no. I'm busy." Wonder where he gets that from...

6. At church when the teacher asked Hayden to help clean up, he responds, "Ummm, no hanks (thanks)." Always polite.

7. Hours before we were supposed to attend a funeral, Corbin decides to toss his only pair of shoes in the toilet. Luckily we found a babysitter at the last minute.

8. Mark and I bought "Just Dance" a new game for the Wii. After 17 minutes of dancing (yes it's timed) we were both sweating and too tired to continue...I followed that session with a muscle relaxer for my back - just in case. We're getting old.

9. I found a new blog to love - Walk Slowly Live Wildly. Very inspirational.

10. I stopped drinking soda. During the Olympics, I saw a commercial for Coke advertising that they support the Special Olympics, and drinking Coke helps support them. I almost ran to the fridge in support, until I remembered all we had was Pepsi. Guess I'm still not drinking soda.

11. I'm not a huge fan of the Olympics...I know...I'm like the only person in America not glued to the TV. I had a bad experience ok? This is why school sucks. I was FORCED to watch the winter Olympics one year and record as many events as I could for extra credit. I really needed that extra credit to get my grade up and I had PAGES of scores. I turned it in and the teacher LOST it. LOST it!!! I still can't believe it. I think she just hated me. Since then, the Olympics and I don't get along. NEVER AGAIN!!!

12. Okay, Mark made me watch Ice Dancing - which I totally tease him for watching...but the Great Britain couple was pretty good (doesn't hurt that we shared the same last name as my family - go KERRS!!)...but I'm still not INTO the Olympics. P.S. The snow jumpers look like flying squirrels.

13. I totally think I could get in shape doing the Just Dance thing...I know lame - but dude, who wants to exercise when I could be playing games!!! So I predict I'll either start slimming down, or break an arm doing some wild move.

14. And finally, do you know how to turn off the water to your house? Well you should. Ours is practically down the block...ok well on the side of our neighbor's yard in a flower bush...but still, I would have NEVER found that. I'd figure it out now before you really need to know that know, like if your house is flooding from a broken pipe.

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Merae said...

Yes you should know how to shut your water off! I am sorry you had to find out the hard way, Mel. Also, know how to shut off the electric in your case there is standing water..., and your GAS! On the electrical front, sometimes there is a high voltage outside and a lower voltage inside. If you need me to come look around your house and show you I will.